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AMSYL-MP NIGERIA LIMITED was incorporated in the 12th day of February, 2010 to carry out business in general construction and other areas of endeavour as allowed for in the Nigerian Company Allied Act 1990.

Build Your Dream

13 Years Of Undefeated Success

We are continuously re-inventing our “art” and processes in order to meet the demands of the ever challenging construction environment in which we operate.


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Build Your Dream

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The planning, designing, constructing, operating, maintaining, supervising and renovating building structures is a culture we so greatly delight in at Amsyl-MP Nigeria Limited.

Civil Structural Engineering

At Amsyl-MP Nigeria Limited; we design, construct buildings and safe structures that are capable of withstanding the elements to which they will be exposed, as well as improving the structural integrity of existing buildings

Mechanical and Electrical

We manufacture custom mechanical systems while also repairing diverse range of electrical and electronic products, such as engines, electrical products, consumer electronics, computers, mobile phones and others.

Aluminium Products

We market and install different aluminium products globally.

Importing & Exporting

We import high quality building materials and also export top quality building materials and services.

Logistics Services

From project conception to delivery, we offer top-notch logistics for all construction projects.


Building Sustainable Communities

Worried about failed promises? At Amsyl-MP we keep our word. Your dreams are given a chance to breath in reality.

We Follow Best Practices

We ensure Good engineering practice” or “GEP” in all our technical activities. 

Our Latest Works

Stem Lab

Nile University, Abuja.

Stem Lab

Nile University, Abuja.

Stem Lab

Nile University, Abuja.

Stem Lab

Nile University, Abuja.

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